Representative of disabled people handed 2,927 names for disciplinary action MP Pareena

Representative of disabled peoples handed 2,927 names for disciplinary action MP Pareena Kraikupt to create social norms and respect humanity , Side of Ananchai the famous lawyer in Thailand who have his Autistic son still be rid also not end there , report as criminal case at Ratchaburi , Thailand and also report this case to United Nation.

On 5th February 2021 , 10:21 AM in Thailand . At Parliament House , seven representative of disabled people organizations that leads by Chusak Chantayanon , President of Association of Disabled Persons of Thailand has submitted letter to Chuan Leekpai , President of the National Assembly of Thailand via Somboon Uthaiwiankul , Assistant of the National Assembly of Thailand for require to examine and discipline Pareena Kraikupt , member of the House of Representatives from Ratchaburi , Palang Pracharat Party from the problem to use ” Autistic ” as hate speech on her Facebook

Chusak has said ” Phrasing that reflect to condition of people and condition of disability is phrasing that disrespect at human rights principles And human dignity which we have received a require from disabled people , organization should come out to take care to this case , thus made official letter for proof point out that phrasing in this metaphor may be ableism. We don’t need to see metaphor of disability as hate speech in our social , which our parliament is honorable parliament have standard of conduct should be a good role in social , because most MP practice as good role in social , We need to see culture of organization grow sustainably. Therefore have to hand to President of the National Assembly of Thailand check for be norm and in order for youth to understand that oral communication must respect human dignity. “

For Ananchai Chaiyadech side , famous lawyer in Thailand that is parent of his Autistic son has said ” Organization of disabled people has received complaints for unfair actions such as case of Pareena that treat us as disadvantage side , can appeal to various departments and can report criminal proceedings for protect our rights , but Pareena returning to the prosecution against us, accusing them of comparing the excellence of their children’s conduct with themselves, causing them to be impaired “

” Suddenly , have dignitary has bullied . We must protect our rights , should thanks to people, villagers and disabled people who signed Now there are 2,927 people and now still have participants constantly . This list is like the supplies of seven representative of disabled people organizations that have brought complaints and fights in court. and last one is United Nation ( UN ) , I want to tell some MP that must have same supplies , because I have three million supplies are disabled people in nationwide I can fight you very well. When the complaint is complete, I will report at Ratchaburi Province. My eyewitnesses have twenty thousand peoples. Today is good opportunity of disabled people and I am very grateful as father of autistic son , Bullying people of Pareena Kraikupt must be norms and example , I hope this council has the honor. Those who will be in this position should have dignity and respect for each other. You have to honor us When we warn to you , you must apologize , but you don’t do so, still go chasing someone else. ” , Ananchai said.

When asked if there will have an action to remove Pareena from the position of MP or not , Ananchai said ” 2017 law hasn’t given power , but we’ll use social measure punish her by appeal to many organization and fight with lawsuit. This time is the 1st round of fighting , There are still 4 rounds left . Including the past Miss Pareena never apologized to anyone. Therefore asked to finish at the court However, I am confident that Mr. Chuan will definitely consider investigating this matter.

While Suchart Owatwunasakul , President of Parents of intellectual disabilities association has said ” I will support and endeavor to amend laws related to disabled people , Especially act about eliminate ableism. At the moment the penalties are too light. The penalties have to be increased harder. Otherwise, events like this will happen over and over. He has a disabled son , when going anywhere, he’s always bullied . And seeing disabled people have no value Therefore wanting to have legal punishment Including wanting to support disabled people to have jobs And can live in society with dignity “

For Somboon’s side he has said ” Our parliament welcome everyone , because It’s workplace of representative of people , This case Mr. Chuan has known already and he wanted to come down to receive with himself , but he sticked to mission as president of the house of representatives Meeting and working group will receive this case , then will present to president of the national assembly as president of the ethics eommittee of the council , that play a role officiate to scrutinize and check complains for present attend the general meeting , however pleased be sure that our parliament will be dependable for all people and we will work for the people want. “

Reporter has reported that after seven representative of disabled people organization has finished from submitting letter to President of the National Assembly of Thailand already , Represent of parents and disabled people that come to join for submitting letter in this time has showed feeling to situation that happen. and one of Autistic people in Thailand has said “Disabled people want to live social happiness , please sympathize with each other , especially autistic people that we have potential and phrasing that made autistic people be impaired , must ask for mercy.

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